How To: Hack Your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a Free Wireless Hotspot

Hack Your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a Free Wireless Hotspot

International, T-Mobile, and Verizon customers all share something in common—their carriers provide unlocked Wi-Fi tethering for free. Of course, you still pay for the data used, but they don't charge you extra simply for using your Samsung Galaxy S4 as a wireless hotspot.

However, AT&T and Sprint customers are a completely different story.

While it seems that AT&T is engaging in a money grab, Sprint does have a legit reason for charging extra—their plans offer unlimited data, so in theory, they offer unlimited tethering, hence the justification for charging a monthly fee for the service.

Of course, just because the carriers lock us out doesn't mean we can't find another way in.

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How to Enable Free Wireless Hotspot for Sprint

For softModders, this process should be old hat by now.

  1. Download the correct file for your device and place on your internal SD card. Make sure to select the proper file! You must use the correct software update (ie. MDC or MDL) and the right system type (Odexed or De-Odexed). If you are unclear, ask away in the comments.
  1. Go to Recovery by powering down the device and back on by simultaneously holding the Power and Volume Up buttons (release the buttons when you see "Recovery Booting" on your device). Alternatively, you can mod your GS4 to restart into Recovery mode directly from the Reboot menu, if you're tired of pressing all those buttons.
  1. Clear both Cache and Dalvik Cache.
  2. Make a Nandroid backup, just in case.
  3. Flash the .zip file you downloaded for your device.
  4. Reboot.

How to Enable Free Wireless Hotspot for AT&T

AT&T users have a little more work than Sprint users, but it's still very simple.

  1. Download the modified tethering file.
  2. Download Script Manager from the Play Store.
  3. When you first run the app, select "Browse as root" and hit "Allow" when the Superuser prompt comes up.
  1. Now browse to the /system/app directory and find the files labeled "TetheringProvision.apk" and "TetheringProvision.odex".
  2. Rename these files so that the system no longer will recognize them. I change "apk" and "odex" file extensions to "apk2" and "odex2". That way, if I need them again, they are easy to find.
  1. After you rename the files, you'll confirm the action by selecting "Brick". It sounds harsh, but the developer of this app wants to make sure you are fully aware that you are making modifications to the core system.
  1. Now navigate to your Download folder, or wherever you saved the file from Step 1, and copy it.
  2. Navigate back to the /system/app directory and paste the file there, and select "Brick" when prompted.
  3. Reboot your device.

Using Wireless Hotspot

Go into Settings -> Network Connections -> Hotspot.

Now, just hit the "On" switch, and look for the connection on your computer, tablet, or whatever device you want to tether to.

You can change settings for security and even set up an allowed devices list to prevent unauthorized access.

Boom! Now your new Samsung Galaxy S4 is a mobile internet provider for all your devices.

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How do I determine the correct software and system type for Sprint gs4?

Goto Settings -> More Tab -> About Device.

It won't let me rename the 2 files. Any suggestions?

open Smanager go to setting --> advance --> select browse as root.

Even though the smanager is set to root cant rename the file

I'm on tmobile and I have wifi hotspot but it's limited to 500mb, even though I have unlimited data. Will the sprint method work for tmobile?

As far as I know, these methods will only work on ATT and Sprint. There's really no way to hide how much data you're using from the carriers.

is there any way to do tis with tmobile is there a hack for tmobile so i can use the hotspot with out the block ?? ive used my 500data on tmobile and its blocked on my computer now??? please aand thanks

If they use the same system as in the UK, then they don't stop you browsing once you hit the fair usage policy, but limit you to browsing only, i. e no streaming, downloading etc.

So all you have to do is hide the type of data you are accessing. This can be done using a VPN app such as Hideman or one of the many in playstore. When tethering, activate VPN, turn on tether, and then disconnect VPN. This should do the trick.

Orbot from Tor should also work, plus if your rooted you can Tor your tether from within the app. Hope this helps!

if youre using a tmobile device try using foxfi it doesnt count the data like tmobile hotspot app would

I just picked up the GS4 with Verizon which the hotspot is locked out for as well.

Any workarounds for it yet?

Not yet but I'll keep you posted!

I have the s4 att 1337. I couldnt change the file name in the steps mentioned above.. Can you help?

You need to be rooted, and you need to make sure root access is allowed in the file manager. Can you take a screenshot of any error you're getting when you try to rename the files?

Browse as Root is checked, but I never saw the Superuser prompt mentioned above. I cannot rename the files or change their permissions, and to double check I tried to access /root and got an Access Denied msg. What am I missing? How do I ensure root access is allowed in the file manager? Sorry, I'm new at this...

What carrier are you on? Are you sure you are properly rooted? Download the latest version of SuperSU from the Play store, along with BusyBox, and try again.

The reason you can not change the file names is because root access isn't being granted. Once we fix that, you'll have no issues.

How would you determine as to whether you should download the odexed or de-odexed files? I know to use the "MDL" type because it indicates that in About Device>Software version. However, where in the About Device section determines whether I should download the odexed or de-odexed and what should I be looking for that indicates this? Thanks.

There really isn't one. You will be odexed if all you did was root.

If you are on a custom ROM, you are likely de-odexed, but please check the rom thread or ask the dev.

Thanks for the info, you can use the Odexed MDL version.

Hi, i did exactly as I am told .but I still can't not turn on the hotspot, because I am using simple mobile carrier or what?

So, are you on ATT or using an ATT phone with another carrier's SIM?

And my galaxy is locked to AT&T, but it was unlocked and rooted

I am the exact same as you. My phone was on AT&T but now I am on Simple Mobile. Did you resolve this issue? If so please let me know how. I have been using my mobile hotspot for a month and now all of the sudden it is not working anymore.

Did u resolved the wifi or hotspot issue, I m using Samsyng S4

Also busy box and super user are installed.

I got it working. Just copied service files to system\framework

Service Files? I'm having the same problems. The app just freezes up when I try to rename the files. Thanks

can you use this with US Cellular?

does it matter if which one i use?
deodex or the odex

Yes it does. Are you on a custom rom?

Is this the same process as the g3?

My Build # is JDQ39L720VPUAMDL as you can see No match with any of the download files. Any ideas.

Thank you thats what I thought.

I just got my t-mobile galaxy s4. I've only root it. What method can I use?

My understanding is that T-Mobile customers get "free" hotspot, but it uses your data.

My phone is not rooted. Do I need to do that first or can I just do this? Sprint. Build # isJDQ39L720VPUAMDL. Thanks.

You're device needs to be rooted. After that, use the MDL file.

I am working on TWRP v2.5.0.0, sprint build #JDQ39.L720VPUAMDC which download do I use?

Will this method work on the samsung galaxy s4 active (sgh-1537) AT&T?

Not yet, but it should be fairly soon.

Thanks for the heads up. Please let me know when it will work for my device. My foxfi apk stopped working so im currently without internet at my house! Any help is much appreciated.

I am brand nee to rooted phone stuff. My gs4 for sprint is rooted, but how do I know correct things to dwnld? Mdl? Deoxeded? No idea what I need. Please help!! I want to have free hotspot. Thank s!!

Go to Settings > About Device > Baseband version. Let me know what that says.

My baseband ends in MC1 will this not work for me? Not seeing DL for MC1

I know its MDL but not sure if its odexed or deodexed? I have a rooted Sprint Galaxy S4.

If you are simply rooted, you are Odexed.

Does anyone else have one that ends in MC1

or you can save the headache of downloading, rebooting, risk bricking and download foxfi.. its 5 bux for the paid version, i tetherd about 70gb in 1 month with absolutely no problems

I have FoxFi Paid Version and it doesn't work on Jellybean.

Thanks so much! This worked perfectly. For anyone who doesn't have an internal SD card, you can use the Android SDK to sideload the file.

Hello I am on build L720VPUAMF9 Galaxy S4 and rooted. When I try to flash the MF9 Odexed version I get signature verification failed. And the Hotspot doesn't work.

Any Ideas?

In recovery, go to options and turn off signature verification. You may also want to try downloading the file again.

Salam Mr. Hussain,

please ap mjy btain gy k hotspot kis liye use kiya jata hai? halanky my already wifi use kar rhe houn. mny purchsz kea ha S4 lekin hotspot ka nahe pata mjy.

please btayeh!
Thank you in anticipation

I cannot boot in CWM recovery mode. I press vol up, then center home, then power and hold all 3 until the samsung screen comes up, then release the power button, but it goes into the regular recovery mode. What am I doing wrong?

Unfortunately it seems like you don't have a custom recovery installed. Download "Goo Manager" from the Play store and use that you download a recovery, and you'll be set.

Hi, when I followed the instructions and check to see if it's working. I get an error message stating that Settings have stopped working or something of that sort

Interesting...what build number are you on?

My build number is JDQ39.E300LKLUAMG2. Which file would I use?

Will this be charge free because sprint charges you separately for the hotspot from your data plan. So will this use your data or will it notify sprint as a hotspot usage and charge me?

This will not charge you for using Sprint's hotspot, so you're good to go!

It seems to be a few months since you've replied to anyone, but here goes:
I purchased a Galaxy S4 3 days ago. (Sprint carrier, L720...MDC)

Day 1: I rooted it, successfully (using CF-Auto-Root-jfltespr-jfltespr-sphl720.tar)

Later that day I flashed it to gain Wifi-tether workaround. Everything I used was quite specifically for my model phone, carrier, modexed, etc... Still, I ended up in a start-up loop. (would hang at the startup Samsung logo)

Day 2: I downloaded the STOCK rom in order to recover. After flashing the Rom I was back in biz! Yay!

...Or so I thought- Seems NOW I have no option in my settings panel for Wifi tether AT ALL. It is no longer there! How can this be? I have tried flashing to stock and re-rooting, etc a bunch of different times and ways, but I cannot get it back (It WAS there because I tried it day one, before rooting, just to see what it would do.)

Day 3: I come here!

So my question is: ARE there any roms I can flash this particular phone with? I can't seem to find ANY (except the stock) What would YOU do in my situation? Thanks for ANY help or advice you can offer!

There are many roms you can try. Are you interested in keeping mainly a stock Samsung experience or would you try a stock Android experience (means losing all the proprietary Samsung features).

Let me know which and I'll throw out a few suggestions.

I tried this method over the weekend and worked fine for me. Yesterday I tried tethering my laptop thru my S4 Active and it wouldn't work. I then deleted the TetheringProvisions apk from my phone thinking I would just uninstall and reinstall. Now when I try to install again it saves apk to my sd and won't dl to my phone and no odex file. Please help!!! I need my tethering until I can get internet service thru our local services.

I Have an S4 with Verizon I have a retired unlimited data plan therefore no free wifi hotspot. How can I fix that? I was hoping to use one of these methods but it says for AT&T and Sprint. ANY help would be great. I get even get PDANET tethered to work.

Just got a Note 3. Any guidance for which files to download? Sprint carrier

i did all the things, change the apk files, but it still doesnt work.
mine is AT&T GS 4 Baseband i337UCUAMF3

any suggestion?

A couple of months ago I rooted my sprint gs4 to be able to force my phone to roam and for the free hotspot which has worked great. Now 4.3 is out and it wont let me update which is no surprise. I unrooted my phone, and did a full factory reset, and yet it still won't let me install 4.3, I keep getting an error. To my surprise the hotspot still works even though my phone is not rooted. Does anyone know how I can get my phone to 4.3 without receiving an update error?


I have a galaxy s4 t mobile and used to use foxfi now after I waist my 2.5gb foxfi wont work ill connect my xbox to it but it has no access my phone aint rooted I have no computer to do it and yeah any help realy want to play on xbox live


still unable to determine if negalite wonderom is odexed or deodexed

I followed all the steps listed and when I flip the switch to on I get this error message: unfortunately, settings has stopped.

At&t with tmobile sim

what should I do?

I am still lost at how to figure out what one to download with the MDC or MDL and Odexed or De-Odexed. There are two screen shots when I went into About Device.

You are on a newer version on Android, where these steps won't work. Look out for a new guide, coming soon.

When i try to rename the two files, it says "could not rename", what should i do?

btw, I have a samsung-sgh-1337, at&t unlocked but using with t-mobile. It is not rooted, I would prefer not to root but if i have to, can you send me the instructions to do so?

With this guide, root is required because you need to make changes to system-level files, which most, if not all, manufacturers will not allow you to do by default.

Ok, what are the steps for rooting? Sorry, I am fairly new at this

I went through all the steps and it said "ROOT Failed! ConnectionUnstabitil" .. what can i do?

Never mind i tried again and it was successful :)

I did everything as stated for the wifi hotspot and it says "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped."
What can i do?

If you restart your phone, do you still get the same message?

Unfortunately yes, same message comes up

Ok let me look into that and I'll get back to you.

Maybe i did something wrong?

How was i supposed to copy and paste the file downloaded from step 1? Just copy the name of the file and add it on the system/app directory using the (+) sign on the top to add a new directory?

And when renaming TetheringProvision.apk and TetheringProvision.odex, was i only supposed to leave as is and just add a 2 after each or just leave them as apk2 and odex2?

They should be left as ending in apk2 and odex2. That way, when you copy the files that you downloaded, you only have one of each with the extensions "apk" and "odex".

Ok I did it, now I have TetheringProvision.apk, TetheringProvision.apk2, and TetheringProvision.odex2. I rebooted my phone after I got chose "brick" on the last prompt, went to hotspot, turned it on and it says "Mobile data not available or invalid SIM" :(

Is there something i can do to solve the problem?

Hi!! Have you fixed this problem yet? It comes up on mine too... :(

Was there supposed to be a file to download for _.odex??

Anything on the 4.4.2 NAE build?

I have a build number KOT thats rooted and how do i know if its MDC or MDL

Will this work with KitKat? With build number ending in NAE

I unlock the phone and take to t- mobile and now when I try to turn on the mobile hotspot say sim card invalid

And I get two different error messages !. Mobile number not founf and somethinfg about Data Connection can't be established!

I have a sprint s4 build number ends in nae and the software version is 4.4.2. which zip file should i use? also I am rooted but dont know if i should use odex or deodex. can someone please help?

I have metropcs and its unlimited date plan they don't wanna let me use free wifi...plz help me on that...plz

I have a Samsung galaxy s 4 and it keeps saying unable to grant root it dosent give me the option to allow it so what do I do?

I followed all the steps and it worked the first time but now I get an error saying settings has stopped.... help please

Was there supposed to be a file to download called TetheringProvision.odex???
I'm also getting the error in settings message...

Im having a problem. I have root access and busybox. I used the script manager and did everything acordingly but when I go to the tethering and turn it on it says unfortunately settings have stopped working and throws me back to settings. What did I do wrong?

I followed all the steps above and when I turn on hotspot it says setting has stopped. Please help

I had the same problem. I deleted the new file and renamed the old files back to the original names. I installed the xposed framework, then added Wanam xposed. Follow the instructions to install xposed here. Once you've done that, open Wanam xposed, go to system and click Disable Tether Provisioning. Reboot and you should be able to use your phone as a hotspot.

I know this hasn't been commented on in a while, but I've got a sprint build KOT49H.L720VPUFNG2 which file should I use?

I have a Galaxy S4 Unlocked on Net10, and when I try to turn on the hot spot, it says number can not be found. I called Net10 and they said they don't support that feature. How can I activate it?

My phone was unlocked to function in Jamaica does this affect it being unlocked at all?

use bluetooth tethering to share internet instead of hotspot feature, solved the problem for me without rooting

I cannot rename those files, please help it out!!

how to identify or understand with phone model for MDC or MDL) and the right system type (Odexed or De-Odexed)

My question is.... is all of this reversible

I'm kinda new at this stuff

Dear sir I am using samsung mega in pakistan. Mobil ink is carrier service and data providing cellular company. When I try to on thethering and hotspot it my device respinse no data or Sim. Guide me please

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 which used to be on AT&T, but I unlocked the phone and am now on a smaller Network which branches off of T-Mobile. Would any of these work for that? Mobile hotspot was working perfectly fine for months up until a few days ago. Now it shows it is connected to devices but I am not able to connect to any web pages or apps.

I'm having lg g flex2 at t mobile which is unlocked and using in India. Does this work? which one should i download ?

Okay I am frustrated as heck. I have an unlocked AT&T phone that I have had for 1 1/2 years. Never needing Hotspots until now. My service is with CRICKET.

The issue is when I click on Mobile Hotspot ON button I get the message "To enable mobile hotspot on this device, go to or dial 611.

I have taken it to my CRICKET store no help. I have called tech support no help.
I did see on my Application Manager the AT&T Hotspot Button and I turned it off but still get the message.
I so need a hotspot to get connected on my computer I am where no internet is right now. Please someone help.

I hope im not too late as i desperately need help. I have 2 android phones, a tmobile lg. And a galaxy. My sim card is thru simple mobile. I had a working hotspot for 5 months and downloaded 200gb a month. Then i had issues with my speed so i called simple mobile, they changed my apn settings and. My speeds improved. They gave me a free month but interruped my service before implimenting the credit. When my service came back on i had no hotspot service. I sometimes got the tmobile upsell page but on my simple apn it looks as if im connected but nothing shared. So last month i went and paid for a new sim card thru simple and the 60 dollar service and still no luck. My phoneservice provider tells. Me hotspot is included and i used it for months. But now im lockedout. Can you please help me

Hi, I had done all as per guideline but am getting a error - unfortunately setting has stopped.

Any reason that when I download the file I only receive the apk and not the odex and they aren't in the system/app folder but only in my download. I saw it the first time correctly before I rooted my phone but now I see it how I explained above. Please help

I am trying to do this without annoying anyone but I also don't want to screw up my phone. I love my phone. It has a new battery and it works better (IMO) than newer versions. I can't figure out which files to download and what to do after that. I'm pretty sure I figured out how to root it a few months ago but I got scared after that. Any help is absolutely appreciated.

Security Patch 2016-09-01
Kernel version 3.4.0-4745659
Build LRX22C.L720VPSGPL1
Enforcing SEPFSPH-L7205.0.1-1_0052

MDF v1.0 Release 4
VPN v1.4 Release 4
ASKS 1.2_161011
Knox 2.3
Standard SDK 5.3.0
Premium SDK 2.3.0
Customization SDK 2.0.0
Container 2.3.0
CEP 2.0.1
Enterprise Billing 1.0.0
SE for Android 2.3.0
SSO 2.1.1
TIMA 2.0
VPN 2.2.0

I am trying to do convert my S4 to allow me to tether to it as a hotspot.

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