How To: Forward Missed Call Alerts & Text Messages on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to an Email Address

Forward Missed Call Alerts & Text Messages on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 to an Email Address

There are some calls you really don't want to miss. Whether it's "I'm going into labor" or "We have some questions about your résumé," not being able to answer or respond to certain messages can cause some serious problems.

No matter what the case may be, missing a call or forgetting about a voicemail is bad. Given the growing importance of (and attachment to) our smartphones, some of us are practically helpless without our devices.

What if there was a way to see all your missed calls and voicemails no matter where your phone is?

How to Access Messages When You Don't Have Your Phone

XDA forums member Sanjay RamSwamy created I Forgot Mobile to alleviate the stress caused when you accidentally leave your phone somewhere or just can't use it.

In an important class, but are expecting a call? This app can send you an email when it comes in. Left for work and realized Mr. Cellphone is MIA, but don't have time to turn around? No worries, you'll receive missed calls and text messages in your inbox.

Here's how to set it up.

Step 1: Download & Install the App

After downloading the free version of I Forgot Mobile from Google Play, you'll need to set up the email account you want to receive your messages. As of now, the application only works with Gmail addresses.

Step 2: Set Up Your Gmail Account

For "Email ID" and "To Email ID," you'll want to enter in the same Gmail address. If your information is correct, I Forgot Mobile will send a test message to the corresponding account.

Step 3: Check Your Email

Go to your inbox just to make sure that you have received it and it doesn't end up in your spam folder. Since it will appear as if you sent the email to yourself, it shouldn't be an issue.

Step 4: Try It Out

Now that you know that your email is working correctly you can go ahead and test the app out. Have someone give you a few calls and text messages to make sure the information is forwarded to your inbox.

It should be noted that your phone has to have a data or Wi-Fi connection in order for I Forgot Mobile to work. Obviously if your device is off or not connected to an internet source, there's no way for it to send emails.

How to Get Email Notifications for All Calls

The version of I Forgot Mobile featured above is the free demo version. The free version has an on/off toggle and will send missed calls or messages ONLY if the number appears in your contacts list. The full version (currently $2.90) gives you the option to get emails for all calls and messages or just those from you contacts.

The paid version also can automatically turn on I Forgot Mobile remotely. If you forgot your phone and the app is turned off, you can call it two times within one minute to turn it on from wherever you are. The app will then start sending missed calls and text messages as emails. Again, this is in the paid version only.

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how do i divert all sms/mms from one mobile service to another mobile service?

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