How To: Auto-Manage Wireless Connections to Prolong Daily Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Auto-Manage Wireless Connections to Prolong Daily Battery Life on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Applications, features, and software running in the background of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can drain a significant amount of battery power, even when your smartphone isn't being used. For this reason, smartphone carriers and developers suggest that you turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other battery hogging features when they're not being used.

In complete disregard, many just keep these features on (like I do) all of the time, just because it's easier than turning it off and on (I'm lazy). So, in today's softModder tutorial, I'm going to show you how to automatically manage the connectivity of Wi-Fi, Bleutooth, and other wireless radios on your Android device in order to extend battery life.

Wireless Minder, an application from Android devs One Nose Peace, manages and shuts off wireless radios that are not being used on your device. If no connection for a specific wireless radio is recognized, it will power off, but if a connection is available ,then the radio will stay on.

Using Wireless Minder to Prolong Your Daily Battery Life

As soon as the application is installed and open, it begins to automatically manage your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, with check intervals of 10 minutes for both.

This means that Wireless Minder checks every 10 minutes to see if the wireless radios are being put to use. If they're not, then they are disconnected. If it connects to a signal (something you've previously used) in the next interval, it'll connect again.

In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can also mind Mobile radio and data, disconnecting when you have a Wi-Fi signal. Say for example, though, that there is no Wi-Fi connection, the application will not shut off the mobile radio, even if it is selected in Wireless Minder.

You can change the interval for each wireless radio, from several minutes to a few hours. At the bottom of the settings, you'll also see Schedule Active Hours, where you can decide when to start and stop Wireless Minder from working.

If you're someone who doesn't turn their wireless radios off and on throughout the day, I suggest using this application in order to save battery. It's a great way to be lazy and still go about your day with a full battery.

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